Gordon Ramsay Burger

As many of you may know, Gordon Ramsay is an incredibly popular Multi-Michelin starred celebrity chef from the United Kingdom. You may have seen him on his reality cooking shows such as Kitchen Nightmares, Hell’s Kitchen, Master Chef, and The F Word. Not only is Gordon Ramsay known for his food, but also his quick-witted, comprehensive use of profanity’s, so that obviously gives me one more reason to call him my favorite chef.

Which leads me to when Daniel and I were able to leave our little bubble in Salt Lake City, UT and take the 6 hour journey south to the wonderful city of Las Vegas, NV!

Chef Ramsay has not one, but FOUR restaurants along the Vegas strip. Each food spot is conveniently located and no matter where you’re staying, or whatever your budget, you can easily stop into one of his restaurants for a real beer and damn good food.

Gordon Ramsay Burger, located in Planet Hollywood just as you walk past The Miracle Miles shops and into the casino you’ll see a blaze of fire highlighting the entrance to the restaurant.



If for whatever reason you miss the flames, you’re sure to see a line out the door as people queue up to try the amazing creations GR Burger has to offer.

The menu has a variety of burgers, sides, sweets, as well as a couple of British inspired foods such as chips & curry, and the classic bangers & mash. see menu here

At first glance I went for the Hell’s Kitchen Burger($15), but as my eyes wandered down the menu I instead decided to go for the Tandoori Chicken Burger.($14) I’m not usually the type to veer off the traditional beef burger, but feta cheese and tahini vinaigrette had my taste buds whirring with excitement. Daniel went with the Farmhouse Burger($15) topped with bacon, a runny egg, and delicious dubliner cheese. Yum!


As per usual, we always swap bites (sometimes halves) of our meals so we can get a little taste of everything, but one bite into this baby had me fighting him off.

The Tandoori Chicken burger was perfectly seasoned with just the right amount of juicy, tenderness left in chicken. Topped with a tabbouleh salad that really excelled in blending the flavors of feta, vinegar, and smokey chicken. The bun was perfectly baked with just enough softness that it doesn’t dry out your palate. This was a perfect 10, adding a side of chips (or fries) and a cold beer – I was in heaven.


Upon further research I learned all the patties at GR Burger are of course made with fresh, prime cuts of meat cooked over an open-flame, with the use of hard woods for fueling. Which explains the complexity of flavors and aromas you taste in every bite.

Despite the line and wait to get into the restaurant (about 30 minutes for 2) I would definitely do it again, the atmosphere was relaxing, and the staff extremely well trained. Its a perfect place for a casual date night or dinner party among friends. If you find yourself lost in Vegas, stop by GR Burger and eat a quality made, artistic meal at a good price.

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