Ye Olde Kings Head

When you think of England, whats the first thing that comes to mind? Some might say Queen Elizabeth II, maybe Game of Thrones, David Beckham, red busses and phone boxes. However; most people generally won’t bring up food. (unless its fish & chips of course) There is quite an array of English foods that are definitely worth trying, its just really difficult to find delicious authentic English foods in Salt Lake City, or pretty much anywhere near here.

So obviously, Daniel and I tend to seek out a lot of British restaurants and look for the most authentic foods we can find when we do our travels.

So in comes Ye Olde Kings Head located in the beautiful city of Santa Monica, CA. Maybe a whole year before going, I had watched a Buzzfeed video with adult trying different British breakfast items. Totally went over my head and never thought about it again.

Daniel and I were walking the Santa Monica Pier, and wandered all the way down to Venice Beach. We were suddenly exhausted, as the sun started beaming harder on us in the midday heat. Dan had looked up a couple food spots earlier in the morning and found this cute English spot he wanted to try.

Hunger struck, we hailed an uber, and five minutes later we were sitting on a cute outside patio area in the center of downtown Santa Monica. It was close enough to the beach where we were left with a good view, but far away enough from the crowds and interesting scents the ocean can sometimes leave behind.


The decor on the inside of the restaurant was a spectacle on its own, from the floors to ceiling everything was covered and adorned with trinkets, teacups and a classic portrait of Sir Winston Churchill hung just above the fireplace. I unfortunately didn’t grab a photo to show all the details they put into decorating, but a quick follow to their twitter account and you’ll see what I’m talking about.


We both went for the traditional English breakfast meals, I opted for the Queen Size full english, and he went for the King Size.

Our meals were pretty much the same, except for the grilled mushrooms and extra rasher of bacon on his plate. see full menu here

Most of the items on the menu are British themed, with a a few influences from others dishes such as the Tikka Masala offered at lunch. As some of you may know, Indian food is common in England, so those options didn’t take away from the authentic feel of the restaurant.

Back to the meal, my breakfast included grilled tomatoes, two eggs (over easy for me), 1 rasher of bacon, 1 banger, beans, and fried bread.

English bacon is honestly the greatest thing to have happened to me. The bacon I grew up eating was never my favorite, too fatty and now matter how you cooked it the texture just never worked well with my taste. American bacon comes from pork belly giving it the streaky, fattiness that some people like, where English bacon actually comes cut from pork tenderloin. So its meaty, tender, and packed full of flavor. I actually felt good after eating it rather than greased up and miserable.


The bangers, or breakfast sausage as you might know, was just as delicious, the seasonings had a nice balance of spice, and again wasn’t as fatty as the sausage I’m accustomed to eating. On the side we were blessed with some good ol’ Heinz baked beans, and if you haven’t tried these, then get your ass to the grocery store, make some toast and put these babies on your plate. It’s heaven in a can.


The grilled tomatoes were delicious, and I’m still trying to figure out how to replicate them at home, mine just don’t crisp up like they should. The fried bread is something on its own, its nice and crispy but still soft from the fat used to cook them, I couldn’t eat more than a single slice because it was so filling and rich, but it was delicious.

Our check came out to about $30 for the two meals and coffee, it was the cheapest meal we had during our trip and one of my favorites. If you go don’t forget to visit the shop to the left next door, or once the sun goes down visit the English pub also connected on the right side.



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