About me

IMG_2559My name is Isa (like Lisa but without the “L”) I’m somewhere in my 20’s making my way through the world one meal at a time with a diet coke on my side.

I’m here to let everyone know about all my favorite food spots I visit while traveling the world with Daniel. Going after the classic, trendy, over and underrated dining spots to give everyone unbiased recommendations and honest reviews.

I’m a cheese lover, anglophile, and peas biggest hater. I grew up in Salt Lake City, UT in a small family with big hearts.


Daniel is my boyfriend who has been my biggest motivator and supporter. He is the perfect accomplice for what lies ahead on our food journey. He moved here from England for school and now to eat lots of good food with me.

Hope you enjoy what I have to share with the world please leave comments with any places you’d like me to visit, or any suggestions for my page.